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How To Make The Most Out An Economic Downturn

It’s hard to think of a company that isn’t taking some kind of hit during this peculiar and historic time. Many businesses are cutting back on their marketing and advertising tactics in hopes of reducing their spending as sales and interactions begin to dip.

ITPROBE suggests doing the opposite and taking an offensive approach: use this time as a period of improvement and internal growth. Rather than cut back and hide, companies should consider taking aggressive measures to grow and prepare for when the market and life as we know it bounce back. Here are our top recommendations for remaining productive and optimizing different aspects of your business during COVID-19:

Improve Your Website’s UX

When was the last time you worked on your website? Have you looked at user experience or reworked your sales funnel recently? If you haven’t, we recommend diving into your analytics and finding areas of improvement. Now might be the time to add a pop-up or chat feature. Maybe your toolbar could use some rearranging. Or, this could be when you finally launch that website redesign you keep saying you’re going to do. ITPROBE can help you audit your site and find where upgrades can be made.

Continue Your Digital Marketing and Advertising

Your gut instinct may be to remove any advertising or digital marketing spend. While this may temporarily save you money, you will be impacting your online visibility and losing out on new customers. The truth is, there can be plenty to gain with a proactive marketing approach during this time. In fact, you may even want to increase activities overall.

There is a strong likelihood that your competition is cutting back on advertising and marketing. With a bit of research, you can probably pinpoint who is scaling back and where there is an opportunity for you to act. With the playing field leveling out, a strategic sales and marketing plan could help you dominate your market as competitors go into hiding. 

Launch That Project You’ve Been Promising Yourself

Most of our clients begin their project proposal by stating that they’ve been sitting on their idea for quite some time, but never had the right moment to act. Well, if things are slowing down and you are finding yourself with extra time, then get productive.

Brainstorm new ideas. Act on old ones. Launch that dream project. Do A/B testing. You have been given a rare opportunity through this downturn to become productive in a new and challenging environment. But it’s up to you to rise to that challenge. When this is over, you will be able to reap the rewards of the hard work put in during this time. 

Get Your Team Together 

Dedicate this period to making the improvements you’ve otherwise ignored! ITPROBE can help analyze your website and digital assets to ensure that when life returns to normal, your business operates even better than before. Feel free to shoot us an email and let us help you make the most of this time. Stay safe!